Hi, I’m Emily

From the very informative title (and the name on my account) you can probably already see that my name is Emily. This is my senior year here at OWU and I am both happy and sad about that. I’m a zoology major and a history minor.  I work in the zoology department and have been on the student board.  I also work in IT over in Corns.  I live in treehouse with Aletta so clearly it is the best SLU in my totally unbiased opinion.

Some interesting facts:

  •  I worked in North Dakota this summer where I’m pretty sure I saw more cattle and bison than people
  • I love wearing watches and have an ever growing collection of them
  • I ride motorcycles much to my parents’ dismay
  • I can never think of interesting facts about myself, so in high school I taught myself to juggle so I could have more things to put on lists such as this one
  • I can still juggle (somewhat)

I’m excited to get to know everyone and hear what everyone thinks about the different topics and issues we get to talk about in class!

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