Class Project Ideas

There are a few ongoing events for Fall 2015 I think is great for our class projects. Plus, instead of thinking a lot of our own ideas, I think complete some of the previously incomplete projects or stick with the ongoing event would make those projects not only projects in our class, but make it a tradition that would influence everyone in the school. Therefore, there are two ideas I really liked from the previous class projects:

  • Reusable Food Containers in HamWil: in particular, someone to run some surveys before and after implementation of the containers. Identify problems and propose solutions. Promotion and ideas for similar reusable food containers elsewhere on campus. Work with Gene Castelli (Chartwells) and Erica Shah (Legacy Intern: Food Sustainability). Original project here.
  • May Move Out: in particular, to review evaluations of Spring 2015 May Move Out and propose solutions to identified problems. Promotion of May Move Out and organization for implementation of Spring 2016 May Move Out. May Move Out 2015 Results here. Also see May Move Out blog & overview of previous May Move Out efforts here.
  • One thing caught my eye after being here for 2 years is that the plastic bags are everywhere, especially in in supermarket like Walmart – the cashier just randomly put the products into plastic bags, which if they spend a little more time to organize the space, they would save a lots of plastic bags. Because of too much free plastic bags consumed several years ago in China, which cause real issues of pollution, now the plastic bags are getting charged. I never use a plastic bag when I buy food from Thomson, because I either hold them in my hand if I only buy a few, or I bring my backpack with me when I am buying more. I was thinking that the book store would introduce some re-usable bags to sell, and stop giving out plastic bags to consumers, as well as Thomson store. Or if it is possible, the school could charge people if they wanted plastic bags?

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