I’m Blake. I Think…

Hi, my name is Blake Brewer, and I’m a senior Geology major.  It would be Volcanology, but it is not an offered major here.  😦  Anyway, I am a residential Ohioan, with plans to go on to grad school to achieve a Masters in Volcanology (preferably at a school that offers it!)  Ideally I would like to be stationed at whatever volcano observatory I get sent to, and simply monitor the volcano for any signs of unusual activity (plus “business trips” to Hawaii could be a thing.  But who cares about that, right?)  I actually found my desire to do Geology, let alone volcano stuff in my senior year of high school, when I finally took a geology class, figuring it’d be an easy A (It was, I ended the year with a 102% in that class), and it just so happened that I also enjoyed it a lot.

Interesting things about me?  Well, let’s see here…

    • I have had hopes of reaching 6′ tall some day, but have been stuck at 5′ 11″ for many years.  drat!
    • I have played tennis since I was a wee lad thanks to my mom teaching me.  I still play, and am on the team here at OWU.
    • I look, sound, and act VERY similar to my older brother.  The acting part could be due to just growing up and looking up to him.  But the sounding and looking parts?  Those are interesting because he and I have different dads.  And yet we also look almost nothing like our mom.  Riddle me that?
    • I like pasta.  So much so, that some might say I like it “too much”.  But for me, there is no such thing as too much pasta.

I am looking forward to this class because, as I somehow have managed to do in all of my Geography classes so far, I have related it to volcanoes.  This class can help me to learn more about the kinds of environments left behind after a huge volcanic eruption, or long lasting eruptions that spit out lots and lots of lava, and how nature reacts in both the short term and the long term (and medium term if that’s a thing).

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