Burning Trash Is Bad

According to this, burning even so much as paper can be bad for your health, as well as the environments.  In fact, as the link mentions several times, it is even illegal to burn or bury your household waste in Minnesota, with many other places globally adopting the same kind of policy.

So don’t do this to your trash:


Though a question I would like to raise in response to the article, is “Is there anything that can be done to destroy non-recyclable waste that doesn’t pose a threat to ours or the environments health?”  Because as far as I know, burning it was the only way to actually eliminate it aside from letting it decompose on its own, but that too has some harmful repercussions on the environment.  Well according to this, the only way to safely dispose of this sort of trash is in a sanitary landfill.  I don’t like landfills.  Just the idea to me sounds like it’s just an “out of sight out of mind” technique.  But if that’s the only way to dispose of it safely, than so be it.

One Response to Burning Trash Is Bad

  1. alettamerrick says:

    “Today, only 1 percent of Sweden’s waste winds up in landfills. Half of it is recycled and 49 percent is burned in waste-to-energy facilities, up from 39 percent in 1999.
    Other byproducts include bottom ash, which is sorted for metals and then recycled as fill for road construction or other projects, and fly ash, which is toxic and deposited in a landfill certified to handle hazardous materials.
    Air emissions are cleaned through a series of scrubbers and filters and come out “far under what’s actually permitted,” said Göran Skoglund, Öresundskraft’s press officer.”

    Maybe waste-to-energy plants are the way to go?

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