Hi, I’m Hayden

Hello fellow geographers! I am excited to be taking class with you all this semester. I’m Hayden Knisley and I am a Junior this year at Ohio Wesleyan. I am a member of the Chi Phi Fraternity here on campus and am studying Geography and English. Overall I have tended to lean toward the more “human” side of the Geography discipline (I am especially interested in Economic and Social Geography). I hope this course allows me to have a greater look at the “pristine myth” and the human/nature dualism we touched on in class on Wednesday.

Following the trail blazed by those who have posted before me, I will also give you a listing of interesting facts about myself:

  • I enjoy avocados.
  • I cooked dinner for my family nearly every night this summer.
  • My home town has a population hovering around 1000 people.
  • My middle name is Hayden.

List is done. I am certain class will showcase more about all of us and I look forward to this semester with you all.

Here is a cow. I hate cows. Ask me why sometime.

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