Class Project Ideas

A couple of ideas bouncing around in my brain for possible class projects:

  • Some sort of art or installation piece that intertwines nature and trash. I like the idea of nature warring with human waste, so maybe create warriors out of natural items (branches, leaves, etc.) and then “garbage” warriors? Or decorate some of the trees around campus with an infestation of trash for a week?
  • Conduct a survey of how many times people take out the trash a week, then create a mural with leaves or pebbles or something, each leaf or pebble representing one load or trash taken out. It might be neat to have nature representing how much trash we accumulate and toss out per week. Display the results by the JAY, with tables containing information on how to cut back on trash and be more waste-conscious.
  • Supersaurus, the longest dinosaur in existence, weighed around 40 tons and ate around 2 tons of food every day. If it was alive today, what would we have to do to keep ourselves and plant life alive as well? What would we have to change? Or would it be impossible for us and Supersaurus to live together?

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