All About Aletta

Yeah, I know I just posted about the butterflies. But why not introduce myself since I’m already here? As you can see, my name is Aletta. This is my third year at OWU, I live in tree house, am a botany and environmental studies double major, and my current dream is to grow food in Cuba for a few years (if you ever want to know more about their agricultural system just come to me–I am inclined to extol their amazing practices for hours). I don’t want to form any more complete sentences, so enjoy these fun facts in list form:

  • Tree House is one of my favorite places on earth
  • I have a bit of a green thumb and aim to crowd my room with plants
  • I have a goldfish named Chandler who I won at a fair two weeks before I began my freshman year
  • My armpit hair is really long because it makes me feel beautiful
  • I haven’t shopped anywhere except second-hand stores for a year
  • I only eat ethically raised meat
  • The last book I read for fun was “Heart of Darkness” (I’m currently halfway through “Anna Karenina”)
  • My feet are almost always cold, so I have an impressive collection of fuzzy socks


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