Eating Animals

I really enjoyed reading this book. When I started it I thought it was going to be vegetarian rand shamming meat eaters using shock factor to convert people. However, it was a much more personal account of someone journey and confusion about vegetarianism. Jonathan Safran was unsure about his own feelings about being a vegetarian and when he had a son he wanted to attempt to resolve his confusion. I think this book helped me with my own questions about being a vegetarian and answered other disturbing questions about food processing.

I thought it was interesting how in the beginning of the book he started with a contraversial topic like eating dogs. By starting here the reader was forced to ask themselves hard questions. Such as ” Why am I okay eating one form of meat ( i.e chicken etc) and not another ( i.e dogs)”. This was his original argument that food is culture and culture affects our beliefs about food. I had to ask myself a lot about my own beliefs while reading this section.

He further discusses our regard for some living creature vs others such as fish. Why do we disregard fish. he then argues that suffering is suffering and why do we allow fish to experience things that would be unspeakable violence if it was done to a dog. This next chapter also gave a lot of insight about bycatch and other fishing statistics. I found most of the details to be overwhelming. I thought I knew enough about industrial fishing but that wasn’t the case.

I did feel like I knew more about industrial factor farms for livestock than I did about fishing and that stood true during his next few chapters. I did learn more about factory farming from this book though. Honestly, this book didn’t make it hard to eat meat but I thought it made it hard to trust people. I had a hard time understanding why we think it is okay as a society to treat living things in this manner.  I really enjoyed this book and it was one of my favorites. Very thought provoking and eye opening.

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