Week7& 8: Environment and Society

I am not gonna lie, personally I hate this book. When reading it did not feel like a novel, it was more like a textbook. Robbins should work on making the book more engaging because after 10 pages my interest was rapidly declining. Robbins had a lot of great things to say, but they were just presented in a very bland way as if I were reading notes. What I did like about the book was the context. Overpopulation is a very real issue that has blessed and cursed major cities all around the the. These cities have so many people in such a small per capita area, that finding effcient ways to dispose of all the waste is extremely difficult. Major cities in the U.S. and more important emerging industrial nations such as China make up nearly 45 percent of the worlds air pollution. Robbin states that we are headed in a terrible direction and we must find more efficient ways of manufacturing goods that do not destroy our ozone. This made a lot of sense and was enjoyable to learn about, it just was not presented. Robbin brought up the topic of Economy vs. Environment. Basically stating that in our rapidly growing world there is always a need and want to produce more. As long as money is involved the choice to produce more will always be made. But at what cost? We are now slowly destroying our environment and making investments that could make world our children live in a worse place. Overall I enjoyed the information provided in the book, I just wish it was presented in a manner that made it much friendlier to read. I can tell that Robbins is extremely intelligent and is warning us of the consequences of our actions.

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