Week 2: Trouble with Wilderness/Meadowlands


The Meadowlands by Robert Sullivan takes an in depth look into how humans negatively interact with nature. When saw the title “Meadowlands” the first thing that came to mind was the the New York Giants and Jets, because before every game the announcers say; “Live from Metlife Stadium in the Meadowlands”. So I assumed that the Meadowlands were an affluent area where people people enjoyed themselves. But boy was I wrong, it turns out the Giants put their stadium there because it was a wasteland and the only place large enough in the New York/ New Jersey metropolitan area large enough to hold a stadium. Sullivan who is a writer for the New York Times occasionally takes a bus down to the Meadowlands when he has time and records what he see’s. The Meadowlands serves as a wasteland and dumping ground for the whole New York/ New Jersey Metropolitan area. It is literally miles of garbage and abandoned land. It angers Sullivan that there is not a better way for humans to dispose of trash and more importantly preserve our earth. Sullivan comes off as brash and aggressive. He speaks his mind on topics he finds very important and is not worried about what you think. But I guess that just comes with the territory when you are a writer for the New York Times. Sullivan mentions that the Meadowlands are 72 miles of wasteland where tons of thousands of trash are dumped daily! This blew my mind and almost made me embarrassed to be apart of a society that does this. This course made me want to learn more about human disposal methods and more alternatives.

Trouble With Wilderness: 

This article adressed many of the same environmental ones addressed in Meadowlands. Cronin believes human being reject nature daily and have forgotten our roots. In the process have hurt our environment, animals and ultimately ourselves. Our waste disposal habits have led to the death and displacement of many hundreds of thousands of animals. Especially when we form wastelands full of trash like in the Meadowlands.

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