Environment Update

Scientists are thinking of ways that are going to help us during the huge drought that is supposed to continue. One of the crazy ideas they came up with was getting water from comets1 Apparently this is where the Earth got its first water source when the universe was first forming. The 2.5% fresh water won’t be enough for our growing 7 billion population. 35 states are already battling and fighting with each other over water. What is going to happen when we actually have no water? I feel like in the US we take running tap water for granite. The drought in California has caused it to sink about 100 feet over the last century. As a result the lighter crust rises and causes slip along the San Andreas fault promoting more earthquakes. This could account for all the mini earthquakes that we have been having. Another idea is filtering the water from the surface of Mars. Who knows what else they will come up with.


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