Course Project Report

The May Move Out Project:
A Green Initiative
Sean Miliner, Michael Hale
Spring 2015, Geog 360

The May Move Out Project has been renewed and brought back after a year away. It is a end of the year project that is targeted towards reducing the amount of waste that is thrown away by students at the end of school year. The goal is to reduce the amount thrown away and increase the amount donated to organizations like Goodwill of slightly used items that can be given to those less fortunate. Below are the steps taken to set up the project, as well as the participating people and results found from the project.
Project Setup
Students bring many things to school with them throughout the year and when it comes closer to the end, they find most of the stuff they have, they will have no use for when they go back home. That’s why this project is so important because of the amount of items students throw away at the end of each year, many of their stuff could be recycled and reused. So organizing this project was a large task to do, but it was a little easier because we have been able to see what has been done in the past and apply it to what we are doing this year. Since we got the grant for this May Move Out project, we have been able to start planning out the steps that we would need to take to make this project more successful than it has been in past years. Because of the size of this project, having many helping hands is very important. Many volunteers came from SLUs around campus as well as students helping for an environmental project. We worked extensively with John Krygier, who helped coordinate the process and was in contact with Goodwill as well as RA coordinator, and Buildings and Grounds. To help promote May Move Out this year, we have also gave an incentive to the RA’s around campus with an IPad to help get the word out about May Move Out process and the importance of either taking everything with you or donating it by putting it in PODS at the designated locations.

Our overall goals for this project:
● Promote recycling of items
● Increase amount of donated items from previous years
● Improve successfulness of project for continued use in the future

Gathering Resources
All of the resources that we are using for the move out process are either donated by goodwill, PODS, or owned by the university. The PODS storage containers that were donated will be placed at each residential housing parking lot for donation drop-offs, as well as PODS in fraternity hill in the parking lots between Phi Si and Phi Delt as well as DTD and Sigma Chi, 35 Williams St (West side of building), and on Rowland Ave (between Women’s house and HOT). Dumpsters will also be placed along with the PODS at each one of the sites. We have decided to take out the cardboard boxes used in the past to try and encourage people to either donate or throw away more of their items that they do not want at the end of the year. Our motto this year is PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. TAKE EVERYTHING WITH YOU.

Week of the Event
We have the project starting on May 6-8 from noon to 8pm and the 11th from 9am-1pm. Because we know that it is the end of the year and students will want to get out as quick as humanly possible and the trash rooms will be closed on May 4th, we will have the PODS and dumpsters at each location by the 4th so students can start donating or throwing away items from their rooms. Volunteers will be around each location helping students out if they need help deciding what can and cannot be donated. Each volunteer will have on designated shirts saying who they are and will be around the whole day.


We do not have any results at the moment since there hasn’t been anybody trying to move out.


● Allow the students who are volunteering to be more involved in the set-up and scheduling. If not doing it themselves, letting them sit in on any and meeting, phone calls that have to deal with the May Move Out project.
● Make sure all the volunteers know exactly what they are going to be doing and where they should be located relative to the PODS/Dumpsters are placed.

● John Krygier (
● Kathy Wink (
● Michelle Smith (
● Lindsay Mauter (
● John Krygier (
● Kathy Wink (
● Michelle Smith (
● Lindsay Mauter (

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