Digital Portfolio


Week 1-2 (1/20/15): Introduction, Notes on Meadowlands (Robert Sullivan), Trouble with Wilderness (Cronon)

Week 3 (1/28/15): Desert Solitaire By Edward Abbey

Week 4 (2/4/15) Nature Part 1 & 2 By Coates

Week 5 (2/11/15) I added the second part of nature to my week 4 blog post.

Week 6 (2/18/15) Eating Animals (Presented with Sadie Parsons) By Foer

Week 7 (2/25/15) Environment and Society Part 1 By Robbins

Week 8 (3/4/15) Environment and Society Part 2 By Robbins

Week 11 (3/25/15) Placing Animals Part 1 By Urbanik

Week 12 (4/1/15) Placing Animals Part 2

Week 14 (4/15/15) Garbology By Edward Humes

Environmental Articles

Week 1 (1/20/15) New Research May Solve Puzzle in Sea Level’s Rise

Week 2 (1/28/15) News- Research shows loss of pollinators increases risk of malnutrition and disease

Week 3 (2/4/15) Soil Moisture Satellite launched

Week 4 (2/10/15) Earliest evidence of human-produced air pollution

Week 5 (2/18/15) Feds Propose Protection of Calving, Foraging Areas of Last 450 Whales on East Coast

Week 6 (2/25/18) Plastic-Eating Corals Discovered on Great Barrier Reef

Week 7 (3/3/15) Air pollution linked to slower cognitive development in children

Week 8 (3/24/15) Massive marine sanctuary created in the Pacific

Week 9 (4/1/15) Polar Bears Won’t be Satisfied by Terrestrial Foods Alone

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