Desert Solitaire

Reading this book was a very interesting experience. Edward Abbey is an interesting character that has had many interesting experiences. His time as a park ranger and the way that he talked about his experiences in the book was anything but ordinary. He spent many days by himself in that desert, with the occasional tourists stopping by. For one, I couldn’t imagine being a park ranger and being out in the wilderness for as long as he was by himself. I can deal with nature but, I wouldn’t want to stand all what nature has to offer for that amount of time. The part in the book where je was talking about how he found a gopher snake and the two ended up becoming buddies, just sounded weird to me. I realize that there are many people that enjoy nature ad wouldn’t mind doing something like Abbey did, but I am not one of them.

Abbey definitely made this book interesting to read, which made me want to see what he was going to say next. There were definitely some highs and lows of the book, but overall I liked it and would say that his descriptions of nature made it sound great and how peaceful it sounded. Most people have the misconception of nature being dangerous, depressing and not beautiful. In the book though, his descriptions of his experience in the wilderness give the total opposite vibe of what people think nature is.

Arches National Monument, Delicate Arch, Moab, Utah

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