Another Olympics for Beijing in the Works

China recently just submitted a bid to the International Olympic Committee to host the 2022 winter Olympics in Beijing. If your not familiar, Beijing has some of the worst air quality in the world, four times  the standard set by the World Health Organization. So what do they need more industrialization and construction? That’s the same thing some environmentalist are pondering. Since the area is semiarid, they only receive about 20 inches of rain annually, just barely enough for all of its residents to use. So while Beijing has bad air and a lack of water, the government thinks it’s the perfect time to build new facilities and courses in the mountains and around the city for the Olympics. They promise to use “green methods” that are defined in their filings with the I.O.C. This seems like a bad decision on Beijing’s part, because while I understand they are trying to stay on the world stage, this feels somewhat like giving a sufferer of emphysema a cigaratte hoping things will get better.

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