Environmental Article:

This week I thought it was more important to illustrate an overarching issues than a specific topic. I think saying “the world is over populated” or our “consumerism” is out of control is one thing but being able to visually see how we as humans have changed the landscape and continue to do some has a greater impact. This photo article shows a wide range of human impact and quotes authors like Edward Abby to help strengthen their point. To me the image of the hills of Mexico covered in human housing was one of the most impactful images of the article. It is hard to think of us as anything but a plague when seeing an image such as that. The land is practically unrecognizable. I also thought the surfing picture was impactful because I image all of us have seen the ideal photo of the surfer with the sun setting in the background as the wave curls around him or her. The photo the article presents is anything but ideal however is realistic especially with the continual pollution of our oceans.


Trash wave: Indonesia


Waves of humanity: Mexico City

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