Placing Animals Part 1 and Part 2

Part 1

So far this book has been more interesting and insightful than I thought it would be. However, that was probably just from my lack of understanding of what it was going to be about. Chapter One: Geography and the Human- Animal Relations. This chapter started right off with some hard to think about questions such as “Why are some animals food and why are others pets? Why are some both? Do we have obligations to other species?” I think when I read these questions I had immediate surface answers before reading the reset of the chapter such as – Dogs have personalities and who would want to cuddle with a chicken. Or even of course as conscious beings we have obligations to other species because we are self aware. I also found it to be an interesting segue into how we have historically thought of animals as God like or greater than humans.

I also enjoyed the chapter called “Beast of Burden” because I liked the way they broke down the categories. The three categories of working animals are: education, service, and entertainment. I think I have mixed feelings about using animals for laboratory research without having an outcome. How many animals have been “wasted” for inconclusive results? I also had some confusing thoughts about the working animals. Should animals have to work for humans? This goes back to our dominance and control over animals. Working animals gives me mixed emotions. I don’t know if I like having them do things that is not natural behaviors. I’m conflicted.

Part 2

Lion meat tacos. This is how chapter five begins. Apparently, lions can be seen as just another piece of livestock in the United States. I guess if we are treating a lion like a cow then its practically a cow? But cows aren’t endangered? I’m just confused on how I feel about eating lion. FDA says its fine. Doesn’t mean I am convinced yet. But why don’t I hesitate with the idea of eating a dog. Is it the fact that they are not endangered. Do I value lions more than dogs? Maybe. I disagree with torture of the animal, not the eating. So at this point I wouldn’t eat lion, I would eat dog and I do not agree with torturing animals in general. I think I place birds lower. Is it because I feel like they are the farthest from humans?

Videos of agricultural practices. Yeah I think everyone should be able to watch how their food is made. I think if you feel the need to hide something then you feel like you are doing something wrong. If your practices are sound and you do the “right thing” even when no one is watching then it shouldn’t matter when someone is watching. Yes killing in all forms is unpleasant but with eaten it is necessary. However, killing can be done is less gruesome ways. Overall, I believe I should be able to access video of the process at any point. I think people have the right to know how their food processed. If companies are nervous its because they are embarrassed in my opinion.

Therefore, this chapter confused me. I don’t know why I find farming tigers for body parts wrong but I don’t mind eating chicken. Morally conflicted after this book and culturally confused.

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