Mandatory Water Cuts

California has installed the first ever mandatory water cuts. However, water cuts will only extend to cities and towns but not farms. This caught me off guard. Apparently they only received 40% of the normal amount of snow. With snow low and ground water even lower water is becoming a huge problem. Most of the states surface water comes from melting snow. “Cities to stop watering grass along medians. Golf courses, cemeteries, and other large expanses of turf will also have to slash their water use” and money will be put in place to help replace old appliances with new more efficient ones. However, I wish the the water cuts affected the farms which use 80% of the water. I think they just need to look for more solutions because the water doesn’t seem to be coming back anytime soon.


Project update:

Dishwasher might be happening!!! Still waiting on some final details but I have started working on the containers again. Hopefully all the savings in electricity and water will cover the cost!

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