Salamander Update!

A date is set for the Salamander clean up! It will be part of green week on Sunday April 12th at 11am.  I need to know if i need to ask for dumpsters or something from anybody.  Today, Tuesday March 31st, Kristin and I collected the pH and temperature from 4 spots starting upstream going downstream.  Starting upstream the pH ranged from 7 to pretty close to 8 where each spot increased in pH a little.  Starting upstream, the temperature went from 48 degrees fahrenheit, to 45 then the end of the stream was 56 degrees fahrenheit.  She mention if we are interested we should do a recent oil test but she said it could be pricey.  They send their samples to a company called Alloway in Marion to test the oil to save money, she mention we might want to do this in the future.  We saw a lot of sheen where we think its oil throughout the whole stream but more at the end.  We need to think about what else we want to look at, like the ORAM score.

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