News Update: A Former Trainer for Seaworld writes a book about Seaworld’s Cruel Treatment of Orcas

Former senior trainer for Seaworld, John Hargrove, wrote a book called “Beneath the Surface: Killer Whales, SeaWorld, and the Truth Beyond Blackfish”, that talks about how he wants orcas to stop being in captivity and to stop Seaworld cruelty against orcas.  He mentions the death of Dawn Brancheau by the orca Tilikum and how SeaWorld denied that Tilikum was ever showing aggressive behavior.  John uses this example to show that we need to remember these animals are still killer whales that can make the decision any moment. John also mentions how Seaworld has been threatening him since November with legal action so he has this whole legal team and great attorneys to fight Seaworld bullying because they been stopping trainers for decades from saying how they felt about Seaworld.  John mentioned that the orcas can’t go into the wild since they have been inbred, so he came up with a solution that their should be sea sanctuaries like the Ringling Brothers are sending their elephants to elephant sanctuaries in 2018.  (I did this article because a lot of people are into Blackfish and stopping Seaworld, plus we talked about this topic in Environmental Ethics).


Trainer John Hargrove performing a stunt at SeaWorld of California.

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