Week 11: News Update/ Project Update


Cell phones may invade the wilderness more than they already do. If nobody speaks up, then $34 million fiber optic network could run through Yellowstone National Park. As a big advocate of solitude in the outdoors, I would NOT agree with this. What is the purpose? To be more connected with nature buy disconnecting ourselves? Or how about not missing out on that funny cat video huh? It will not only ruin their experience, it will ruin mine! If the purpose of this is to attract more people to the wilderness, I don’t want to go. That is the whole reason for it in my opinion. To live and feel the connectedness with nature rather than the hum and bussle of the city and most importantly, people. Of course at the end of the day, the purpose is all about the money and the benefit of the producer. Gross. The main driving factors are the young staff that work at the snack booth and the lodges and the interactive camp centers. So much for solitude.



Waiting for money situation. Or at least a suggestion of where to get it! I don’t need 5 million dollars cash up front- I just want to know a possible funding source.

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