Big things are happening at Salamandar Swamp

After finally seining the area, I will be working with Kristin Piper along with Chris Roshon who is a Natural Resources Manager for the Preservation Parks.  I sent my availability to everyone so we can plan things.  Tomorrow at 5pm I will be meeting Chris there to set the salamander traps to see if we can figure out what salamanders are back there.  We want to do water tests with Kristin, maybe biological and we want to do chemical, we are really interested in pH.  We want to do an ORAM score for the area where Chris will hopefully be helping me with that.  Talked about mapping the invasive species in the area and mapping the vegetation.  We talked about doing a reptile study or snake study of the area.  We talked about talking to Dick Tuttle about looking at the birds in the area and maybe putting a chimney swift tower in this area.  We also want to compare the sides of where the salamanders are by looking at the side by the road where there is a lot of noise compare to the upper area of the swamp where it is quieter.  Talked about removing an area of honeysuckle from a place and planting native species in that removed area.  Want to make fake logs for the salamanders to live in because the area is missing logs.

I am talking to tree house and environmental and wildlife club in hoping to include this area in their clean up ideas during Green Week.

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