First half of placing Animals

This book made me think of things I never knew or heard of before.  Although the writing was textbook like, it included some interesting points. I think the definition of “animal” in the United States is interesting and confusing thanks to politics.  I love how there is an exclusion from humans in the definition.  This was the definition of animal from


any member of the kingdom Animalia, comprising multicellular organisms that have a well-definedshape and usually limited growth, can movevoluntarily, actively acquire food and digest itinternally, and have sensory and nervous systemsthat allow them to respond rapidly to stimuli:some classification schemes also include protozoaand certain other single-celled eukaryotes that have motility and animallike nutritional modes.

any such living thing other than a human being.

a mammal, as opposed to a fish, bird, etc.

the physical, sensual, or carnal nature of human beings; animality :

the animal in every person.

an inhuman person; brutish or beastlike person:

She married an animal.


A perfect job? Is there any such animal?”
While Placing Animals definition on page 5 list off animals and said used for research, teaching, tests, experimentation, or for a pet.  This just shows how many different definitions we can have for one word like we went over with wilderness.
I also never knew there were camel beauty contests in countries, like reading that was really funny to me.  Looking up more research about this, apparently thousands of camels enter this contests where judges are looking at their long necks and big humps.  It was also interesting reading about some of the weirdest species I never heard of before.  For example I never knew their was a bat called the “Yoda bat” that looked like it was from Star Wars.  Or a pygmy seahorse which are beautiful creatures that have a single gill opening on the back of their head.

A Pygmy Seahorse

It interesting reading about the history of animals in geography and how it was made through waves.  I liked how the first wave let humans be out of the picture and looked at wild animals, and then later in the waves look at human relations with animals.  I also like how they included a part about exotic animals.  I never knew the illegal trade in exotic pets was worth billion of dollars a year and second to drugs and weapons on the black market industry. I also don’t understand why their are magazines allowed that sell exotic animals and how auctions can be held if its illegal?  I feel there should be more action going into this problem that is happening in our world.  There needs to be more work into this because clearly the small work and laws aren’t working when this problem is still a booming business.

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