Park Baboons Harass Kenyan Women and Children


In Endarasha area, Kieni West subcounty, Nyeri in Kenya, farmers have recently faced a challenging foe. Baboons, from Aberdare National Park,  attacking in troops of about 50, have been raiding farms and harassing local women and children so that the community lives in fear. One native comments on the recent population increase in the Baboons by saying, “The animals are just giving birth to twins, their population has increased very fast. Our population is still low because we are working hard but not getting enough food.” The Baboons have been steal food from the farms rather than finding their food in the park, which is why they have been so aggressive toward human who try to stop them. Some of the worst atrocities these baboons have committed are throwing bricks at women, assaulting and undressing one woman, and attacking children. Some children have been forced to skip school and guard the farms while their parent take supplemental jobs to feed the family. The community has demanded action from the park or threaten to take matters into their own hands.

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