Retention Pond Project Update

I’ve been reading lots of material about retention pond assessment methods, engineering, ecology, etc. this week. There’s a lot more information out there for me to get my hands on, but I feel relatively well caught up despite the set back of changing my project nearly completely last week.

My next task will be contacting and discussing my plans with a number of individuals who know a lot more about this stuff than I do! I’ll be spending next week on a trip for my Marine Biology course which will make it difficult to do a whole lot of work before next class, but will make it very convenient for me to pick Dr. Downing’s brain about assessments I can do. Additionally, I’ll be reaching out to the last individual to spend time studying our retention pond to see what she has to say about the direction of this project and to inquire about contact information she may have for the Friends of the Lower Olentangy Watershed (who may also be able to provide some free plant life for the pond?). I’ll also be reaching out to OWU Buildings and Grounds about the current status and upkeep of the pond. Communicating with them (or whoever it is that makes decisions about the retention pond) to determine what I can and cannot do will be absolutely necessary before I start any work. Finally, I’ll be reaching out to my old supervisor, the director of education at a local wildlife center for any insight or suggestions she may have for the pond. The wildlife center grounds includes 4 different pond types, varying in levels of human manipulation, and I expect she’ll have had experience managing and developing them to the level of health they’re at now.

After these conversations, I’ll be able to proceed with my project proposal and begin setting a timeline for accomplishing the goals I’ll lay out!

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