Environmental Article

Picture of a frog with a fungus in Madagascar

Deadly Frog Fungus Pops Up in Madagascar, an Amphibian Wonderland

Madagascar is home to a mind-boggling array of frogs, 99 percent of which are found nowhere else in the world. But a study released Thursday finds the island nation now also hosts the greatest threat to amphibian biodiversity in modern times—the chytrid fungus. As many as 7 percent of the world’s amphibian species live only in Madagascar, and they may be in serious danger. The fungus is responsible for the decline/extinction of hundreds of amphibian species around the globe. The good news is that they have not found many sick frogs in the area which suggests that either they caught the fungus outbreak early or the chytrid strain isn’t very strong. Experts are creating on a multifaceted response working on preventative treatment options as well as setting up breeding facilities to protect particularly vulnerable species.

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