Environment and Society Part 2

I like how the book talked about how trees can be symbolic to people because that is very true.  I know a lot of people plant trees in remembrance for people that have passed away or for pets who have passed away.  Also trees can give people memories like how christmas trees give some people memories about their favorite Christmases that they will always remember.  I also like how they talked about how forest is a place away from culture.  In environmental ethics we talked about what nature meant for different people and this just reminds me of that talked because I do like to go through forests to get away from society and to connect with nature.  I think forests are very relaxing and beautiful and fun to go through and to explore.  In the book, the definition of a forest was “a wooded areas outside the walls or fences of a park; an exterior space, associated with wilderness and waste” (165).  While at dictionary.com there definition of a forest is “a large tract of land covered with trees and underbrush; woodland”.  It relates back to all the definitions of wilderness and how there are so many different ways of talking about one word.  For me, I don’t think these definitions really tell the importance of what is a forest.  I think a forest is more than a wooded area and includes a lot more things then trees, I just don’t think the definitions gives a lot of detail.

Its sad the book says our ethics approaches said “at least in  the ocean, our ecological ethics has yet to catch up with our support for animal rights” (239).  This is sad because I feel the ocean has the same importance as our land, and that each should be on the same page.  Fish has the same importance as land animals, all the animals need some conservation help, we can’t just help the land and not help the water animals.

This book does of course give you interesting facts you never knew about before.  For example, I thought it was interesting real mineral water has 250 parts per million of minerals that occur naturally and are derived from a water source (262).  I also didn’t know the use of bottle water has been increasing over the years and replacing other sources of drinking water.  It makes sense though because a lot of the attention is to get people to use more reusable bottles rather than buying the water bottles and wasting that plastic.  Using reusable water bottles is also more environmental friendly so more people need to know the facts about this situation so we can get more people to use reusable water bottles and to save the planet.  Bottle water has just caused a lot of problems towards the environment instead of helping the planet in a eco-friendly way.

I like the section on French Fries and the discussion on slow food.  I found it interesting there is a movement called the Slow Food Movement to get people to eat slower.  I can connect to this because I eat slow which eating slower is better for you.  I know when I’m eating with other people I am normally the last person to get done since I eat slow.  I never knew eating slow can give you simple joys in their daily lives.  I also liked that this section brought up Fast Food Nation because that book and Supersize Me really changed by views on eating certain things.  Ever since I watched Supersize Me, I haven’t eaten at McDonalds, and Fast Food Nation brought a lot of inside facts about things I never knew before about fast food.  I also never knew frozen french fries have a history over centuries and continents, and how much work goes into french fries.  Overall, I was shocked this textbook wasn’t like other textbooks, it wasn’t actually boring which was great, and it included a lot of interesting facts that we can relate into our lives.

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