Environmental News and Project Update


So interestingly enough the news article I found is actually about conservation news articles; specifically, a team of researchers in Singapore did a study to try and find out what makes a news article about conservation get spread more on social media. Unsurprisingly, for an article from a science journal to become popular, it has to be reported on a popular news site, and from there will become popular on twitter, Facebook, and other forms of social media. Additionally, news sites seem not only to have biases towards specific scientific journals more than others, but also towards certain topics, such as global warming or the conservation of endangered “charismatic mammals” such as panda bears. Additionally, articles with illustrations are more likely to become popular. It seems like for conservation news to become popular, people want it to resonate with them on a simple level, whether that means being a topic they already know or care about, or visual aides to keep their interest. Many of the conservation news that comes out nowadays just doesn’t have the same ‘appeal’ to it to keep up with the other, juicier bits of news that usually is shared online.

Project Update

More research. Gathering more data. No problems here.

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