Project Proposal: May Move Out

Project Title: May Move Out

Project Participant(s): Sean Miliner and Michael Hale

Description & overview of project:

The May Move Out Project is Ohio Wesleyan’s first attempt at an organized donation drop off and waste reduction effort on campus that will take place during the spring move out. The overall goals of this project are:

  • Reduce the amount of solid waste students produce
  • Enforce the reuse of unwanted things
  • Increase the awareness on the importance of donating unwanted items
  • Support OWU and the surrounding Delaware Community by donating such items to the OWU Free Store, local Goodwill, and Habitat for Humanity Restore
  • Continue to implement and improve this program each spring

Now that we have acquired the sufficient funding for a project of this magnitude, we would like to continue the efforts of previous groups who have worked on this project, using the knowledge they gained from the previous years and taking it a step further.

Outline of project:

General Goal: Pack it in, Pack it up, Pack it out – home vs dumpster vs Pod

Students: finalize student participant (diversion consultants) list: must be available to work shifts: 8 hours each day; Wed May 6, Thurs May 7, Friday May 8, and Monday May 11th

  • determine number of students we need (if we need more); amount of funds
  • determine who works when and how many hours (final exams, etc.)
  • determine where students will stay
  • Goodwill may also provide staff for on campus time during these days
  • Pod based consultants vs. roaming the halls to help students make diversion decisions
  • monitor what is left behind: feedback on how to better communicate in 2016

Students: Read grant proposal (in May Move Out shared folder) for background and document:

  • specific tasks we said we will complete (particularly page 5)
  • how to document the tasks for the project report
  • specific kinds of documentation for each task
  • general promotional documentation (photographs)


  • Who are our contacts
  • Arrange for student visit to Goodwill for general overview
  • Arrange for student (diversion consultant) training
  • Arrange for Goodwill staff to be on campus May 6, 7, 8 & 11 (until noon, but help after with leftovers)
  • will they take usable food? If no, work with Gene Castelli & Sally Leber student
  • Use of Logo on promotional materials (high rez file)
  • Arrange to document what is received from May Move Out and problems / what to improve for 2016

Rough Schedule

Late February

  • Pod locations: tentative list: Smith/Hayes, Stuyvesant/SLUs, Thompson/Welch, Bashford, Rowland, behind 20 Williams, Fraternities
  • schedule Pods & attempt to get an iPad or 2 donation
  • finalize student participants
  • visit Goodwill for overview of process
  • detailed role of student diversion assistants

Early March

  • Create communications and outreach schedule: general promotion, materials specific to what goes in dumpster / what goes in Pods;
  • Promotion and outreach ideas: posters, social media, residential advisors, tabling, postcards, big balloons (“Pods”) on dumpsters, green week, pod costume, pea pod giveaway promotion, iPad giveaway (one for students, one for residential advisors?)
  • compile details about what to Pod and what to dumpster
  • finalize schedule and details for communication and promotional events

Mid March

  • training of student diversion consultants (by Goodwill) to know what should go in pods, what shouldn’t
  • visit garbage/waste transfer station (arrange with DKMM)
  • generate promotional materials, plan events


  • Promotional events including Green Week events
  • Training and outreach to Resident Assistants (RAs), SLU Moderators, and Fraternity House Directors (FHDs)


  • May Move Out
  • Movers (College Hunks) to take care of leftovers (our students may help, and should analyze what stayed behind and how to address the problems in 2016)

Annotated bibliography :

May Move Out Project Spring 2012

Excellent Guide to Planning a College Move Out Donation Drive: Give and Go

Similar College Move Out Donation Program

Another College Model Plan

Another College Model Plan

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