Part 1 : Environment and Society & Project update

Overall, I am really enjoying the way this book is written and organized. When reading section one chapter 5, Environmental ethics. The picture on the first page reminded me of a film I had to watch in Bioethics. The methods in which the animals were killed and kept were absolutely discussing. This leads me into the next topic of the chapter which is factory farms. I have always been discussed by the idea of factory farms but after reading Eating Animals I have become more interested in them and ways to avoid contributing to them. I feel sad thinking that industrial efficiency is what is considered most important. I understand that the price of meat dropping is a positive because allows more people to eat it. e.g Meet is not just for the elite. But, is the quality of the meat worth it? Also I have issues with the environmental problems brought up by the factor farms and the lack of care being demonstrated.factory-farming-chickensstackedfactory_farms

My ethical concerns about factory farming do not stop with the treatment of the animals or effects on the environment. I am also concerned about the lack of concerns for people. What the effects of cheap meat might be doing to people. I think the industry is more concerned about making money than the long term effects on people, animals, or the environment. I have looked into the waste pools produces by the factory farming. At a small scale waste it reincorporated into the environment


Another issue with factory farming is the carbon omissions, a topic discussed at the beginning of chapter 4. Instead of finding ways to “suck” the current carbon out of the atmosphere we should be focusing on ways to cut down on adding more carbon to the environment. Cutting back on factory farming would decrease carbon emissions. However, doing so would cause the cost of meat to increase. Yet, is that a bad thing? Potentially, instead of thinking it is a good thing meat is cheap maybe a better plan would be to work on education so that the average income is higher. I don’t think people should be lied to about that they are eating. At the grocery store everything is a false advertisement. Overall, I am excited to read the rest of the book. It is able to present facts and leads me to think in ways I haven’t before.

Project Update:

Still waiting on dishwasher costs from Gene. I have found my own figures but I want to be able to see what they have already proposed. I have found the reusable containers mentioned in previous proposals. Costs are still in the works and figuring out whether a dishwasher is possible is the first concern. I have some information. Also looking at avoiding a remodel. Coming up with return methods that don’t involve changing the kitchen set up in Hamwil.

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