Week 6: Eating Animals Reflection

Eating Animals by Jonathan Foer is a very engaging book, that I feel many people should read. The beginning of the book discusses Foer’s transition from a meat eater to a vegetarian. Foer referenced to how his grandmother would feed him chicken and carrots when he was younger. She also told him that a fat boy is a healthy. This ties in to one of the points that Foer makes in the book that; more is not necessarily better. Foer also mentions that he first became a vegetarian in high school. Mostly because he always believed that it was wrong to hurt animals. And that he ate meat in college because nobody knew him as a vegetarian there and it was nice. I like Foer’s writing style because he adds satire and factual moments into his writing. Which is huge from a reader’s perspective because it shows that the author actually knows what they are talking about. Foer got inspired to write this book when he found out he was going to be a father. He then got his first physical in a decade and began to do research. He spent more than a year searching through literature for anything related to animals and their abuse. Specifically by going to various farms and reviewing United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) materials. Personally I respect Foer’s reasoning, methodology, and experimental design behind his research but being a vegetarian is not for me. He brings up many good points about how eating animals is inhuman but I believe that meat eating by humans is natural and healthy. It is all apart of natural selection and I believe it is nothing that we should be ashamed about. This book was very moving and well thought out but my opinion has still not changed. I have 4 birds of my own so i do love animals myself. I do like how Foer makes many points about how we have been deceived about eating real meat and how we have unfairly associated poultry with American holidays. Specifically turkey on Thanksgiving. The holiday is almost become more about the bird rather than the true meaning of the day.

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