Verbal Warming Labels


Verbal Warming Labels

I assume in this class that we’re all “alarmists” who accept the science of global climate change. But to assume is to make an ass of you and me, so I’ll just let you be with your thoughts about this topic. I think that’s what most politicians should do also, and quit labeling each other as skeptics or “warmistas”. The fact is the climate is changing for the worse. A petition proposed by a climate advocacy group, Forecast the Facts is calling for the term “climate skeptic” to be banned by the media. They figure the key of the scientific method is to question. Without questioning the norm, where would humanity be? Probably still sketching pictographs on a cave wall waiting on the accident of fire. In all fairness, the term should either be applied to all, or thrown out of the window. After all everyone is a skeptic.

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