Project Proposal:

Project Proposal: Allie France

Project Title: Dishwasher Dilema 

Project Participant(s): Collaborating with  Ban the Bottle and Spork

Description & overview of project:

Ohio Wesleyan has two large dinning areas. The most common for the lunch hour is Market Place in Hamilton Williams. Market place serves approximately 500 people during the noon hour but only seats 200. All of the plates are paper products or paper to go boxes. This is a huge source of waste for the Ohio Wesleyan Campus not to mention a huge cost. It was estimated by Gene Castelli, that the University spends about $25,000 a year on paper products for dinning. My plan is to cut down on paper waste from Market Place by implementing reusable to-go boxes. These boxes would take the place of the current paper to-go boxes.

The projected I am most interested in is getting the University a newer model dishwasher. Market Place’s current dishwasher is approximately 20 years old and is lacking in efficiency. To maximize the potential gain from this project we would need to obtain a new dishwasher or a used dishwasher of a newer model. Reusable to-go boxes would need to be washed at a specific temperature to be considered sanitized. This is a key point to maintain health code regulations.

Another element to the reusable to-go boxes is return for cleaning. The dishwasher in Market Place is not in an easily accessible location. Therefore, there is the potential need for a remodel to make returning the containers more reasonable and to help limit the people needed to collect them. I personally believe for maximum  effectiveness that there would need to be multiple locations to “drop off” the dirty to-go boxes. This would require someone to retrieve them and bring them back to be washed however.

I think it is important to get informational statistics about return on investment as well as information about resource uses. I have looked into other universities of similar sizes that uses the reusable to-go boxes to see if they have calculated such figures.  Another concern is the dish ware being stollen. Therefore, I think it would be imperative to have a system that holds the students accountable for returning the to-go boxes so that the University doesn’t loose money.

Outline of project:

Obtaining the dishwasher: looking into alumni that are in the restaurant business and would have access to commercial dishwashers or potentially interested in the funding for the dishwasher. Also figuring out exact pricing and the model we are interested in that would be most effective for what we are hoping to do : wash to-go containers

Price out the to-go containers and then price them accordingly for student purchase. Even though the boxes would not belong to the students they would while they students have them in their possession. Students would temporarily purchase the boxes and then be refunded when they return the boxes.

Marketing the to-go boxes on campus and figuring out a way to explain the system to students. Also educating students on the protocol for returning them.

Annotated bibliography :

  • Dishwasher Pricing: This is a commercial kitchen supply store. I have been trying to price out conveyer dishwashers.
  • EcoTakeout : They sell the EcoFriendly reusable containers. I think their videos would also be good to share with the campus.
  • Gene Castelli Resident district Manage : Gene is able to correspond with me and present figures about past plans.
  • Go Box: This is a project from Oregon that has set up to-go boxes for an area not a university. They have plans for how to set this up and maintain a corporate program.
  • University of Maryland: They have a functioning system that involves the reusable containers and I think it would helpful to discuss challenges they have had. Also to see if there is anything they would do differently if they were to start the program today.
  • Web restaurant: This website has been helpful for estimating pricing on the to-go containers and giving us a better understanding of the purchasing aspects.

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