Indoor Farm

Imagine all the farm land in the United states and how much space it takes up. Now imagine if all our frame were 100 times more productive and how much food would be produced. That is what this article is taking about! This article is about the worlds largest indoor farm located in Japan. It is a lettuce farm but not in the traditional sense. This farm uses  “40% less power, 80% less food waste and 99% less water usage than outdoor fields”. Which is impressive and would be an interesting concept if it could be applied to other types of crops. Currently, other counties, not including the United States, have begun construction for such farms. They have “shortened the cycle of days and nights in this artificial environment, growing food faster, while optimizing temperature, lighting and humidity and maximizing vertical square footage in this vast interior space (about half the size of a football field). No water is lost to soil and a core-less lettuce variant reduces waste.” Overall, this is an incredible process that could potentially be applied to help world hunger. Indoor Farm

Indoor farm in Japan

Indoor farm in Japan

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