Eating Animals Blog Post

This book was one of the most interesting books we read so far where so many things I never thought of were mention.  For example, I didn’t want to read about how so many dogs are dying in America and how people eat dogs! However, only a few states make it illegal to eat dogs or cats but there are some states like Pennsylvania that sells and eats dogs and cats!  I just love dogs so much that its sad hearing dog meat is a common dish in Chinese cuisine, in Vietnam, and in the West African nation of Nigeria where some believe it builds immunity to diseases and improving your sex life.  In the Arctic and Antarctic, people will turn to dog meat as a source of protein since the meat supply is running low.  Then in Indonesia, dog meat is only eaten during weddings or holidays (Fox News).  Also reading the Filipino recipe was disturbing.

Next I think its weird and sad people eat sea horse! I think its weird the Chinese will eat and drink sea horse where they will put the sea horses in their bottle of whiskey, then chew up the fish after the last sip.  However its weird because sea horses are suppose to be protected in China and I guess only legal in farms, yet people will still eat them. I just love how in this book the transition was facts about sea horses and how they are a pretty sweet animal, and then the mood changes by saying seahorses are “unintentionally” used in sea food production, which is very sad.


I thought the quote from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”, was very interesting to read.  This quote makes you think about how we value animals better than others.  For example, when I read this quote I immediately thought of pets because we are always there for are pets more than other animals because we care a lot about our pets since we made a connection with them.  Also this did tie into what the French, Spanish, and Indians value and ate because they never ate the animal they loved and had a connection with and probably owned.  It makes you think how we will do anything for our pet yet we will kill other animals to eat, use has material for something, or for recreational purposes.  We also would hunt an animal for not use yet we would never kill our pet.  It makes me sad because we are too busy just living our life and enjoying our pets that we don’t think about the other animals that are in the wild.

I thought it was interesting how he would redirect certain definitions and make you think what is an animal? What is natural? What is a human? This book defiantly makes you think about things you don’t normally think about in your life.  Also this book puts you into situations you don’t think about like being in a elevator that has wire on the floor that cuts your feet. Like who thinks of that and why would you think of that? The bullshit definition though was funny because he literally provided the definition.  Another thing is I learned so many facts that I don’t know if I wanted to know about factory farming.  Thinking about animals dying, suffering, and being killed just makes me sad.  Although its amazing how many stories he has to make one powerful book.

Another thing is I love to eat salmon, and reading about salmon farming really made me upset.  I never knew salmon we eat is producing in dirty water that is killing most of the salmon by having lice in the water! Also how they kill the salmon made me want to throw up.  Its awful how they starved for seven to ten days, then are killed by having their gills cut and then toss into a tank to bleed to death.  That is so horrible and wrong to do to a poor creature that doesn’t deserve that way to die.  Like seafood is the reason I’m not a vegetarian because I love seafood too much to give it up.

I did give up McDonalds after watching supersize me because of all the facts I learned in that documentary.  However, this book did provide a lot of facts to try to lead the way to vegetarianism but I don’t think I’m strong enough to be a vegetarian right now, maybe a pestcetarian one day.

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