Project Week 5

I don’t know how much progress I made since I was basically exploring my options (since this is close to the last week I could). I was a little frustrated last week with my Interactive Story because I was stuck. That’s why I was looking at Green Week stuff, looked up some medieval insects (not much), and the suggestion of cricket flour/treats. While they are interesting topics, I couldn’t quite give up on the Interactive story or just some creative project in general. First I thought I could just write a regular story so I looked up “environmental fiction” and found this wonderful site, great for anyone interested in writing about the environment and large scale environmental projects. That helped me remember my main problem was coming up with an environmental infused story. I thought I wouldn’t come up with anything which is why I looked at other options, but I finally have a viable (if quite silly) idea. Since I couldn’t focus on one environmental issue that would create a long enough, I could do a few little connected stories. What genre has that and is a genre I am very familiar with?

The Dating Sim of course! Each guy/girl could be passionate about an area of environmental living and only like you if you show you know your stuff about it. In normal Dating Sims, people are forced to do much worse than learn a little to get a guy/girl, so I think it could work. I already have ideas for at least 4 guys (I play girl chases guy games and I think it would appeal to more girls than boys in america anyway). There names are Basil, Ray, Forest, and Cliff (all nature names) and they go to a “high school” that has an environmental focus. It would definitely be a parody and/or self-aware dating sim. Comedy and learning are a good mix right!

My notes because it's hard for me to brainstorm on a computer.

My notes because it’s hard for me to brainstorm on a computer.

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