Thoughts on Nature PT 1…

The simple term “nature” suggest an open space, free of human hands and the constraints of time. But Nature however is examined by Coates in a historical light. Coates discusses the ever-changing meaning of nature in history, and our impacts as humans historically. Coates packs clumps of historical knowledge into the first five chapters, barely taking a second to breath. He begins by addressing a few themes of nature, including my favorite: Nature as an inspiration/ guide for people and source of authority for governing human affairs. He also discusses the growth and meaning of Environmentalism in our society today. He believes it’s founding and growth during the 1960s was crucial for the US, but at times we take it for granted. He moves on to Ancient Greece and Rome, two periods and cultures that had rival meanings of the word nature. Coates mentions the violence that served as a form of entertainment for the Romans caused negative effects to their environment  with the loss of animals and humans to tend. The Middle Ages focused on Britain and various parts of Europe being feudal-agrarian societies until the Plague decimated the population. I like to think that although these atrocities where millions of people lose their lives, nature makes a few strides itself by being able to grow wildly. I appreciate Coates’ ability to speak in a scholarly tone, and present facts, but it made it made the relationship with the reader uncomfortable. Overall so far, I have taken away that nature is ever-changing, and it is crucial that we are educated about it’s history and meaning to those cultures.

Religion vs Nature

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