Nature chapters 1-5

The novel Nature by Peter Coates provides an in depth look into the true meaning of nature and how it has changed throughout history. In our five assigned chapters Coates provides this information by looking at the natures of nature, Ancient Greece and Rome, The Middle Ages, the advent of modernity, and the world beyond Europe. Coates has 5 unique views on nature. He see’s nature as a physical place, a place of essence, inspiration, collective phenomena of the world, and the conceptual opposite of culture. To better explain his unique view on nature, Coates uses quotes from Welsh novelist Raymond Williams. Williams called” nature the most complex word used in the English language and nothing compares to nature”. Williams said he always attempted to find something that could compare such as; culture, society, individual, class, art and tragedy. But all of these things are so simple compared to the idea of nature. That statement brought me back to the first class and made me think; what is the true definition of nature? I am still not sure but one thing the reading did confirm and spark in my mind is that; nature like us has a history. Actually the relationship between nature and the people of earth is extremely intertwined. Especially with colonization and the the advancements made in technology dating back to the Ancient Greeks. This book also touched on the realization of how people can alter the universe for the better or worse. This idea has really come to fruition as of late with the new information being provided about how human beings wasteful habits are destroying the earth. And this issue is only getting worse as the world’s population continues to increase. Overall chapters 1-5 of Nature were very interesting, but I am not a huge fan of the book. I feel chapter 4; “The Advent of Modernity” added an odd scientific, philosophical and somewhat religious spin on the book that made it less enjoyable and stole some of the innocence that the book once had.


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