Week 4: Project Update- SP


To find out the interest in Eco-Takeout I sent out a survey and had pretty positive responses so far. I also responded to the office for the Eco-Takeout containers requesting the cost information and any suggestions on how to implement these containers at OWU. I found different ways that other universities are implementing them. At University of Vermont the students make a one time purchase of $7.50 that included the new container, the clean container waiting at the next meal, the “cow tags” used for container exchange, and some of the increased dishwashing costs.. The students use a container and drop it back off to get sanitized, and would pick up a new one at their new meal time. The issues at this school was that there were complaints of the container being too flimsy, it was hard to clean, student accountability and honesty for returning them, and for lack of participation. I emailed Sarah Alexander, the sustainability coordinator at University of Vermont on any suggestions she may have, and am still waiting for a response. At the Good Food Store in Missoula Montana, they have had these containers for a little bit over a year. They require that you clean the container after use and exchange it for your next sanitized container that you pick up at meal time. I’m not sure how effective this would be with college students. The biggest problem that I face with this idea is getting a dishwasher for Hamwill. I think there is enough people willing to participate; the University lacks a dishwasher. The next step is to find out how much a dishwasher would be and where it would fit in Hamwill’s kitchen.

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