Week 4: News Event- SP


So many people to feed, and yet most of our food doesn’t even reach peoples plates because it goes bad in transit or people buy too much food and throw it away. Its ridiculous how carless most Americans are with their food and how much they throw away. We live in a throw away society–it’s disgusting. In most cultures, if you were to catch a fish, you use the whole thing. My dad spent a lot of time doing work overseas and got used to the way of life in Asia. Now, dinners at dads house are always the same- using the whole animal and respecting it. It hard to believe how much is thrown away before it even reaches the shelves. If we stopped wasting so much food, we would not waste our resources as much ( the amount of water, labor, and fuel etc that goes into the food making process, not to mention- the 3.3 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide. Apparently, if we stop wasting as much food as we do, we will be able to feed 2.5 billion more people in the next 35 years. First of all, we don’t need anybody else on this planet, but it is good to know that we could possible sustain that many people. The United States takes plentiful food for granted, and I wish we could learn to not throw everything away.

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