Project Week 2 and Environment Article

This week I have continued thinking about which projects I find to be most interesting. I would prefer to focus on the “ban the bottle” event and the reusable containers for Hamwil.

  • Ban the Bottle
    • Work with WCSA about adding more hydration stations on campus. If we are asking students to use reusable bottles there needs to be convent clean water they can fill their bottles with.
    • Find out what ChartWells agreement with the school is on water bottles.
    • Looking into cost figures for OWU
    • Look at other Universities and how they accomplished their goal


      I like the idea of making a statement with empty water bottles . Something that would draw attention to our cause. I liked these fish I found.

  • Reusable container
    • At this stage I think it is most important to figure out what the biggest road block is for moving forward
    • I am going to start looking into the costs of getting the proper dish washer in Hamwil
    • Further investigation to why it hasn’t been done already and if there have been previous plans

Environmental event 

I have been interested in reading about a fungus that was discovered in the Amazon that “eats plastic”. Students at Yale are currently breading the fungus and observing it. Plastic eating fungus They are currently discussing how this fungus could be applied to the growing amount of plastic in the oceans. it can survive on “polyurethane alone and—even more surprising—do this in an anaerobic (oxygen-free)”( How ).

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