Olivia’s Project Progress

Ban the Bottle Update

So in the Transcript this week there was an article about the new student leaders, Emma and Jerry, in WCSA. One of their initiatives actually is to limit the use of disposable plastic water bottles and hopefully rid the campus of them. As a start, they’ve ordered I think 6 new hydration stations which I think is fantastic!

I’ve contacted them and am hopefully meeting with Emma next week. I know I wouldn’t be able to execute a project like this on my own but maybe with WCSA’s help I could get the ball rolling.

Professor Krygier actually suggested that I maybe use some sort of art or performance event to raise awareness. People have had recycled fashion shows but I think just one person dressed like this in Hamwil could spark conversation:


… okay that last one is a little crazy and I know realistically this would take a lot of time. Maybe I can talk to someone from the art department? I think just one person dressed like this would be fun and could raise awareness.

Overall, I’m pretty sure I’d like stick with this project.

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