Caitlin’s Semester Project Progress (Week 2)


As an extension of the work done on this project so far, I would like to create small native plant life gardens to benefit and encourage wildlife on campus. This week I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about where on campus these gardens would be most effective, but I’d like to know more about the University’s openness to this sort of addition before moving forward. If there are places we could put in these native gardens without too much resistance, I’d like to focus efforts on those areas first, and then expand the program from that point. If it seems the University is seriously opposed to this sort of project, I’d like to hear all of their concerns and focus my efforts on building a case for native wildlife gardens on our campus.

From there, the next step would be to establish which wildlife species to focus on, and then what plant life would most directly benefit them. I have found a few sites with good catalogs of native Ohio plant species, but choosing which species we’re trying to attract and available sites will definitely help narrow down the options.

Additionally, I’d like to use some web/social media platform or some other community forum to increase awareness of wildlife on campus. I think encouraging knowledge of and appreciation for wildlife around us would be a great way to reinforce the benefits of the Shelters project.

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