Michael Hale – Introduction


Hello, my name is Michael Hale. I am a senior at OWU, majoring in health and human kinetics, and I plan on going to graduate school, after I graduate in the spring, to pursue my masters degree in occupational therapy. Being interested in a therapy career, I am a huge supporter of healthy living, especially through diet and exercise. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, I have great pride for the city I am from. Its a great place with wonderful people, delicious food (skyline chili and graters ice cream), and infuriating sports teams (Bengals and Reds). At the same time it has always been my dream to one day leave Ohio, preferably to somewhere warm. Ever since I was a little kid in scouts I have always loved the outdoors and enjoy activities like camping, backpacking, rock climbing, swimming, and kayaking/rafting. I have never been across the Mississippi River, but it is definitely one of my goals to travel and explore the western US. At OWU, I am a member of Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternity and have a work study job filming for the football team. Overall I am a very approachable and receptive individual who looks forward to working with all of you in the coming semester in this course.

One Response to Michael Hale – Introduction

  1. John Krygier says:

    Overall good. You probably want to separate out reading comments, news events, and project postings as different posts. This one is fine as is. Try to delve a bit deeper into some issues in each of the readings – find some links or images or whatever – this kind of information can be used in the discussion in class.

    Regarding the class project: if you can manage it, the May Move Out might be a good project. As far as i know the frats are not included but that could be changed. At minimum you could end up with a proposal to extend the effort to the fraternities (and SLUs) next year.

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