New Research May Solve Puzzle in Sea Level’s Rise

Glacier in Antarctica

There has been a rising concern of sea-level rising in the past 20th century. This article explains that research as done to prove that the measurement of increase of sea-level in the 20th century was not as much as previously thought. New research done proved that the sea-level had only risen 5 inches instead of what was previously believed to be 6 inches. This new finding gives scientist a better understanding of how much the sea-level is rising each year. Research of sea-levels have given scientists more confidence of the understanding of why the ocean is rising in the first place. A United Nations subcommittee even met to discuss the rising sea-levels and the topic discussed was that “if human emission of greenhouse gases continued at a high level, the sea could rise as much as three feet by the end of this century, or possibly even more in the worst case (Gillis).” It is a rising issue because little increases of water level have cause trouble for coastal cities to fight coastal erosion.

Before reading this article, I didn’t realize how much of an issue the rise in sea-level is. I know of global warming and how ice is melting in Antarctica, but I didn’t think it would have as much of an impact on coastal cities as I originally thought. Seeing that if the sea-levels do keep rising, it could cause some major trouble for coastal cities like Miami Beach and countries like Bangladesh.

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