I thought this book was really interesting, more than most of the books we have read. It really put in perspective how much garbage we produce and where it goes. This book really made me realize how irresponsible we are with the waste we produce as a race. There have been many times that i have just thrown my trash away for the day and not think twice about it or feel bad about how much or of what i am throwing away. just as long as it is away from me It hasn’t bothered me. One point i thought was interesting/ disturbing was the problem with plastic. We produce so much plastic and it ends up in our environment and does harmful, terrible things to animals. In the book, The author states  “We’re putting everything in the ocean on a plastic diet.” This really hit home for me because I love the ocean and I am really conscious of aquatic issues. It really disgusts me that we are doing things every day that destroys something so beautiful.


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