Wildlife Shelters Project

Since the last posting we have met with Dick Tuttle to look over campus for good spots to put some wildlife shelters. Bat houses can go on the east side of any building on campus with at least 2 stories, preferably on the academic side of campus. We were thinking Edwards gym, the parking lot side of the library or of the drama center. Dick Tuttle want to mount Carolina wren houses at the sorority houses, they have to be under a patio, and preferably with little traffic. Dick Tuttle also thought it would be a good idea to put squirrel houses on the trees outside Phillips hall, on the side closer to Edgar hall. Bee hotels, need plenty of sunshine and we were thinking they could go somewhere near the bike paths across the street from the science center.

We have contacted Dr. Gatz about the bat houses already in the Science Center. He doesn’t know who put them up and assumes they’ve been there a long time. His best guess was that they were put up as part of the class we had on bats a long time ago. We’ve also sent an email to Dr. Carreno asking for some more information on bee hotels, and where they would best be placed.

After we contact B&G, we would want to contact people at the sorority houses asking if we could put up bird houses. We would also want to contact someone at the transcript about writing an article to get the word out about the project, and someone at the Delaware county bird club that would want to preform general maintenance on the bird houses. I would also contact my boss, about getting an event planned to get students involved with the project.

If we can get vested interest from any of the staff or underclassmen or citizens of Delaware, then maintenance of the project would be covered. To my knowledge the bat houses do not require much maintenance, mainly someone to keep an eye out for bees, wasps, or hornets nests, and for major damage. General wear and tear will happen over time, but that will take a while. In the case of that happening someone would probably have to replace the shelter after so many years. The bee houses can generally be ignored as far as I know, but they are flimsy, so I doubt they’d stay as they are for more that a couple years.

We can get better plans later, but for the purposes of making a post I have some stuff I found after a few Google searches on how to construct the shelters.

Bee Hotels

Carolina Wren Houses

Bat Houses

Here’s an interesting video on bat conservation that Warner Bros. just put out as part of their promotion for Batman v Superman:

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice – Help Save the Bats

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