Michigan voting on wolf hunting

The reading for this week got me thinking a lot about wolves. One thing that is happening right now involving wolves is being settled when Michigan votes on Nov. 4th.


(Photo: Dave Kenyon, AP)

Ballot issues target wolf hunting

The voters of Michigan are deciding on two pieces of legislation that would classify wolves as a game species and allow them to be hunted. The Legislative passed laws were put onto the ballot by special interest groups looking for a chance to change public opinion on the matter. Scientists question the need to hunt wolves because there is only an estimated 650 wolves living in Michigan’s upper peninsula and there have been no attacks on humans (there have however been 8 deaths and 1,300 injuries in vehicle crashes involving deer).

The main problem seems to be protecting domestic animals, which in my opinion isn’t enough justification. As I read in Environment and Society, some farms have non-lethal strategies for protecting their livestock, and as the article says, the number of cases of wolf predation of livestock in Michigan fall below the norm of most places that have wolves. Hopefully, Michigan votes no.

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