The Meadowlands

Reading the meadowlands, for me, was just ok. I do, however, enjoy the Ideas portrayed in the book. As all of you probably know, wetlands are an important asset of a healthy environment. The problem is, we have a tendency to disturb, pollute, and even destroy them. For those of you who are not quite sure how wetlands keep the environment healthy, just think about a water filter. They work kind of like a natural water filter. What I mean is, the natural pollution brought about by natural storms and animals.

These are some of the most biologically diverse ecosystems on the planet that house a wide variety of plants and animals. some that we have not discovered yet. this brings about the issue we should have with disturbing these environments. if we destroy a part of them, we could be destroying a plant or animal that could be useful. We could be destroying an environment that an undiscovered animal lives in and drive them into extinction. they also work as a great flood control system. 

it is in our best interest to save and preserve these lands because they are imperative to a lot of certain areas. We need to be aware of our actions and how we are affecting the world.       

One Response to The Meadowlands

  1. John Krygier says:

    You can just about double the length of the posting. Include more details (stuff you find interesting, or more interesting than the other stuff in the readings) so I can tell you did the reading. Include at least 5 additional things you look up on the web based on what you find interesting in the reading. Include an image or two. End with a few questions for discussion.

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