9/1/2014– Monday’s WOD

August 31, 2014

Labor Day Hours 9am & 10am

“Fight Gone Bad”

3 rounds of:
1min Wall Balls (20/14)
1min Sumo deadlift high-pull (75/55)
1min Box jumps (20″/20″)
1min Push press (75/55)
1min Row (calories)
1min Rest

*Score is total reps of all movements combined

Partner up and count for one another

Project Ideas

August 31, 2014

I am really interested in working on the sustainability plan for campus or the Presidents Climate Commitment. Both of these projects seem like they would be interesting to work on and useful for our campus. 

Lili’s Introduction

August 31, 2014

Hello! I am Lili Fikter. I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I am a junior zoology, geology, and environmental studies major.

News: Making ugly fruits/veggies cool to buy

August 31, 2014

Lots of food goes to waste because it doesn’t look right and people do not buy it.  That’s not even including the food that we buy and can’t eat before it rots.  This is very wasteful but efforts to combat this have begun.

In Europe the problem was addressed, this short video tells you all about it…


Rain Garden Project

August 31, 2014

So those who are also taking GEOG 347 (environmental alteration) heard Dr. Amador mention gardens that help keep polluted runoff water from entering our local streams and contaminating the water.  He sent me some information on the project and going off of that and some research of my own it seems like a worthwhile project.  I’m not entirely sure if it would work to make the garden during this semester due to the season or how much/how long it would take…but many universities and high schools across the US have created beautiful rain gardens so it must be a reasonable project.

There is a lot that goes into planning and building a rain garden but I think that if a good sized group of us teamed with other interested parties we could make it happen without getting in over our heads on a single project.

This website has a lot of info and suggested resources (specifically for OH)

More info about managing storm water runoff here

Project Ideas

August 30, 2014

I am very interested in working on a sustainability plan for our school. 

Obamas effort to get a international deal done on climate change and his detractors

August 29, 2014



Vice is one of my favorite news sources because of their opinionated and colloquial language and love for whistle blowing. The New York Times is also great for its attempted objectivity and detail. These traits were on display when the two news outlets coverd the Obama administrations newfound attempts to strike up a international climate change deal. Our countries senate is notoriously gridlocked and has a hard time getting things done. Because of this, multiple times in the recent years the Obama administration has side stepped the conggresional approval and forwarded his prioities through executive actions. It appears that Obama has found another way to sidestep our stagnate body of bullheaded marionettes. To ratify a legally binding international treaty on climate change Obama would need two thirds of the senates approval. Considering how hard it is to get 50 percent approval on less controversial issues from congress this seems unlikely. The administration has instead proposed a deal to the international community that is politically binding as opposed to legally. The agreement would build off a already implemented legally binding treaty and add to it with voluntary pledges, thus negating the need the the senate vote. The administration would then “name and shame” countries that don’t comply. I am in favor legislation that would require the cutting of emmsions and see it as a urgent enough issue that the means used here are justified. It is also good to know that there are other foregin leaders that understand our congressional situation and are willing to work with us to get a climate change deal done. Nonetheless this plan will face detractors on the home front and abroad. Conservatives will say Obama is over stepping his executive authority. Poor countries have fewer resources to carry out the terms of the deal and historically share less of the responsibility for the problem. The Vice article argues that for such a policy to work America would have to stand on a moral high ground which we do not in the eyes of the world, in light of questionable foregin policy sense the bush era. There will be political road blocks but hopefully a sense of urgency prevails and this plan is instituted and carried out in a way that drastically cuts global emissions while being economically fair to poor countries, for urgency and leadership on the issue of climate change could be the initiative that reverses our sliding moral standing. 


Personal intro

August 29, 2014

I am Jeff Rothenberg. I am a jr biology major with a lot of interest in environmental studies and issues. I am from St. Louis MO. I can’t wait to begin disscussing cool stuff with all of you!

Project idea

August 29, 2014

I would be interesting in helping with the creation of a sustainability plan for campus or the return to the May move out project. Both topics sound interesting to spark an interest to want to make the project successful.

Environmental topic

August 29, 2014


I was reading up on this article and something that struck me as interesting was this first sentence, “It’s surprising that in the 21st Century, nearly 750 million people lack access to safe drinking water and 2.5 billion people –more than one-third of the world’s population—don’t have an adequate place to go the bathroom” (Shope). It has been known that quite a few people have an issue accessing safe drinking water and they need to carry it by hand for food purposes, but knowing how high the number was struck me. This article served the purpose of raising awareness for WASH, a way of reaching out to more ways to obtain safe drinking water and bathing water.